Training and Development

Top performing organizations are in a constant need to build highly motivated and a self-directed team of professionals. We at RKCO provide a stack of training solutions that can help your organization build these competencies.

We achieve this through specific behavioral and functional training interventions. Our training programs offer value by helping individuals apply concepts to complex business situations, hence increasing productivity and efficiencies at work. Our time tested training methodologies are based on the principles of adult learning.

RKCO helps individuals align themselves to the organization’s goals & acquire skills to augment their effectiveness, thus improving bottom lines and enhancing their career.

Our team of trainers is a prominent mix of academicians, industry experts and widely experienced ‘Facilitators’ who provide our clients with cutting edge services and solutions.

How we work with students: 

  • Assess the student's capabilities and personality.
  • Customize the training module to suit the student. 
  • Expose students to the requirements of Indian and global employers.
  • Impart short term, intensive training programs that career & employability skills.
  • Make him ready to win his dream job. 
  • Post training phase- e-learning/ e-communities & periodic mentoring
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    Organizational Development Intervention

    The core of an organization is managing the organizational development. RKCO aims to bring the goals and development of every employee through its effective processes of organizational development interventions. RKCO renders best practices with their clients when it comes to OD Consulting or OD Intervention strategies. RKCO understands that to effectively adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic business world, organizations need to implement effective OD interventions.


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