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HR Strategy, Services And Planning

In today’s world, only technology and capital do not provide a competitive edge. The next frontier of competitive advantage is Talent and People. RKCO helps organizations develop, re-design and deploy HR systems and processes. 

We help our clients to:

  • Align HR with business strategy
  • Enhance HR process efficacy by deploying Best Practices
  • Evaluate and implement technology to institutionalize and simplify HR processes
  • Identify skill gap by Human Capability Assessment
  • Improve productivity through effective Performance Management Systems 
  • Build business contingency using business planning
  • Attract and retain key talent by developing appropriate reward systems.
  • Drive growth using custom tailored incentive plans.
  • Determine compensation of critical staff using our 'Position Specific Salary Benchmarking.
  • Improve efficiency by organizational restructuring.
  • Develop/ design HR policies.

  • Each of these teams is led by a Vertical Heads having extensive industry experience along with the core team of consultants and the support team of research associates.

Manpower Planning

We ascertain the people capability required to deliver business goals. Our model takes into account business environment, competition, growth plans and cost optimization.

We assist our clients to re-deploy, fill specific skill gaps and manage exits thus enhancing productivity.

Manpower Planning Framework

Performance Management

The business environment today is more pulsating than ever. While human resources professionals clearly understand the importance of optimal performance management, they often face significant internal obstacles. Growing organizational data and the ability to leverage it effectively in less time is a major challenge in today’s times. Absence of master data, enterprise information and systems to manage the same are the challenge that your organization is facing.

Regularly tracking progress against performance goals and objectives also provides the opportunity to recognize and reward employees for performance and exceptional effort, contributing to job satisfaction and productivity. Employees want to feel successful, to do well at their job and feel they are making a valuable contribution. In order to ensure this happens, employees need a clear understanding of individual goals and how they fit into the larger organization. RKCO is the best manpower service provider that is committed to quickly achieve and help your enterprise to fulfill the aspirations of being agile, adaptable and efficient. 

We work with our clients to develop customized solutions so as to enhance employee productivity and deliver business goals. We deliver end to end customized solutions: defining performance metrics, developing goal setting process, and- review and feedback mechanisms.

We undertake systems analysis and implement HRIS solutions for our clients.

To help our clients meet business contingency requirements and improve employee engagement levels; we provide Succession Planning and Career Path solutions.

Our Compensation & Benefits

We take a total rewards approach to Compensation and Benefits combining monetary and non - monetary aspects while providing customized solutions to our clients. 

Our compensation solutions are built around key business drivers so as to reward employee performance which spurs business growth. 

Our compensation plans are designed to differentiate performance and reinforce desirable employee behaviors. Our expertise in incentive/ bonus plan designing helps the client enhance employee performance. Our solutions are focused on keeping a low fixed cost base yet using compensation as a tool to drive performance and enhance productivity.

We also undertake position specific salary benchmarking which helps our clients decide compensation for critical positions.

Organizational Design & Restructuring

We work with our clients to develop and design organization structures which enable speedier decision making, easier escalation of issues and resource optimization. We have helped organizations (entering new geographies) develop scalable organization structure. We have also helped mature organizations redefine/ modify their structure to keep it aligned to changing environment and business goals. We helped them plan out and implement sources to hire new talent, redeploy existing employees and manage exits where necessary.

We provide the complete suite of solutions developing the Job Descriptions, defining the performance metrics and competency requirement for the new structures. We have helped our clients assess the current capability of the organization by using competency based assessment centers. 

Our varied experiences across industry verticals have helped us to develop industry specific solutions.


  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Inducting & On-boarding


  • Warehouse Management Services
  • Service Highlights
  • Benefits
  • Warehouse Process
  • Warehouse Process Cycle


  • Recruitment Process
  • Services
  • Value added Services


  • Temporary Staffing Solution
  • Payroll Managed Service
  • Benefit Administration
  • Process Orientation
  • Recruitment Capability
  • HRO and Managed Services
  • Value Added Services


  • OD Intervention
  • Management Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Assessment


  • Manpower Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Organizational Design & Restructuring

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